We strive to be an industry leader for aftermarket cylinders. We manufacture and stock various machines to suit markets that can benefit from replacing rather than rebuilding.

We are a global supplier for many customers. What we find after going through the work of building and implementing a plan for each individual customer is that it becomes more cost effective and predictable to move to stocking and exchanging cylinders.


Longer Warranty

Typically when buying new.

Reduce Downtime

And increase uptime.

Price Stability

Repairs can range from a re-chrome and reseal to major overhaul. It’s easier to budget when you know the exact costs.

In an ideal world it’s always best to make new or buy new rather than repair.

After years of service and rebuilds many components become more and more worn, and service life decreases substantially.

Our main cylinder products supplied, but not limited to:

Front suspension, rear suspension, hoist, steering, tilts, lifts, dog bone, blade lifts, rippers etc.

  • CAT D9L/D10N/D11T Bulldozer
  • CAT 834B Wheel dozer
  • CAT 992C/994 Wheel Loader
  • CAT HAUL TRUCK 777D/785C/789C/793D
  • KOMATSU D375A-2 Bulldozer
  • KOMATSU Haul Trucks 170D/630E/730E/830E/930E